Suglo Suhudoo Enterprise

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(Registration number BN917912015, VIZ)

Suglo Suhudoo Enterprise (SSE) is a non-Governmental organisation registered as a profit making organisation under the Sole Proprietorship business names act 1962 (No. 151) dated 18th February, 2015.

We are into Shea Butter processing, packaging and standardising for sale at a competitive price to domestic consumers and users. We also, supply to corporate groups and manufacturing companies. The business engages in mobilising, training and financing rural women groups to purchase quality Shea nuts from rural nuts pickers, process the nuts into Shea butter using non-rusting and non-toxin utensils for sale to clients in its domestic market share. The enterprise supplies to the market high quality Shea butter of two colours, White Shea butter and yellow Shea butter. The main focus is to involve directly the grass roots massively in all the stages of the shea butter processing systems to help impact their lives positively and to also enable the enterprise present the best quality output for their clients. This is normally done, by taken the pain to identify the gaps that are associated with the shea butter production using the traditional methods within the local settings and subsequently finding solutions to remedy those obstacles

The Shea value chain promises high returns on investments with about 40 to 50 (%) percent potentially if properly manage under acceptable conditions conducive for it growth. The Shea value chain in the northern belt faces environmental challenges which affect productions – especially in the dry season. The reasons being:

Annual migration, rampant cutting and felling of economic trees, annual bush burning, land degradation, food insecurity, improper management of Shea butter production, Poor and inadequate finance, Changes in input prices,, Heat stress/poor ventilation, Poor storage facilities, destruction of the environment/ecosystem, Inconsistent government policy, climate change hazards  etc In order to boost production considerably, it is imperative to reduce the impact of these risks and uncertainties to the barest minimum. Therefore, our risk mitigation strategies will be measured by

  • We intend to form rural women nut pickers associations and groups with shift appointments – morning and evening nut pickers. This strategy will help the organisation buy more nuts to keep in stock so as to curb the season’s shortages.
  • Educating the public to reduce rampant and random tree felling and cutting for charcoal burning and bush burning, for meat and for sale by rural women and hunters in the wild through education and enforcement of local Assembly’s bye-laws.

Shea butter  processing offers opportunities for full or part –time employment to the populace; particularly women, children or elderly and also increases GDP growth rate, food security as well as ensuring self-employment and creating purchasing power at a large scale.

Again, the enterprise has also identified a very interesting industry within the food value chain which has the potential to capture the attentions of the general public and making a great history in life. This special product is made locally using peanuts commonly referred to as “Kulikuli” in our local dialect that is peanut cookies. There are a lot of kulikuli producers doted around the corners of Northern, upper east and upper west regions of Ghana. Most of the producers in the industry produce in smaller quantities and displace the product at the market centres for sale without brand names and packages. There is no known person in the industry that does production and packaging to make the product presentable and also gain recognition in the Ghanaian shops thus distancing the product from certain group of consumers.. The product is highly nutritious and for that matter commendable for malnourish children due to it dietary content.

To this effect, the enterprise has planned to kick start the production of the product with the idea of incorporating the backward and forward linkage strategies within the food value chain of the peanut industry. The intention is to create more job opportunities for the rural industrious young and old women to empower them economically for life and to also augment the local food suppliers to improve healthful conditions at the local levels and the world at large.


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